May 31, 2010
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No.10 of Ten Model Cases concerning the Infringement of the Rights and Interests of Minors by the Internet Issued by the Supreme: Fu v. an Internet Company and an Education Center (case of dispute over right of reputation and right of privacy)
No.10 of Ten Model Cases concerning the Infringement of the Rights and Interests of Minors by the Internet Issued by the Supreme: Fu v. an Internet Company and an Education Center (case of dispute over right of reputation and right of privacy) 对于有些人提出的“外面的空气中含有多种颗粒物,不见得比室内空气质量好”的问题,田教授解释说:“不得不承认,目前1/3城市人口是呼吸不到新鲜空气的。但是根据数据显示,普通城镇室外大气的负离子含量为400~500个/m3,而密闭房间中的负离子含量只有40~50个/m3,只要注意开窗时间、开窗频率,以及开窗时间的长短,在合理的时间进行合理的通风,是可以将室外的新鲜空气引入室内的。”
1. Basic facts (一)基本案情
From February to June 2014, the Reuters contacted an education center, and the education center gave its verbal consent to the Reuters conducting an interview at the center. Reuters executed an agreement with an Internet company, allowing the Internet company to reprint its documents from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. On July 7, 2014, a website of the Internet company published a set of photographs and articles related to A Visit to Beijing Internet Addiction Rehabilitation School. The first image of the relevant web page was a frontal full-length portrait of Fu sitting in the middle of the back seat of a car with an adult on each side, with her head slightly bowed down and eyes lowered. But the image was not pixelated or otherwise processed. The caption of the image reads: "The education center in Beijing is an Internet addiction rehabilitation school, which helps young people get rid of Internet addiction through military management. At present, there are as many as 250 such schools in China. In order to help children with Internet addiction disorder, many parents send their children to the Internet addiction rehabilitation schools for psychological tests and military training. ” Another full-length portrait of Fu appeared as the 21st image, showing Fu in plain clothes, talking with two girls of the same age wearing camouflage clothes in a sofa, with her hand on the chin and head towards the two girls. The caption of the image read: "On May 22, at the education center in Beijing, a new arrival talks with other students, and at the request of her parents, the girl is here to get rid of Internet addiction." 2014年2月至同年6月,路透社经与某教育中心联系,某教育中心口头同意路透社前往该中心进行采访。路透社与某网络公司签订协议,某网络公司于2014年7月1日至2015年6月30日期间可转载其文件。2014年7月7日,某网络公司旗下的某网站刊出一组《探访北京戒网瘾学校》相关内容的照片和文章,相关网页第一张照片为付某某正面全身照,该图片为付某某坐在汽车后排座中间,左右各有一名成年人。付某某头微微低下,目光朝下,但图片没有打马赛克或者做其他模糊处理。该图片配有说明:“北京某教育中心是一所戒网瘾学校,学校通过军事化管理帮助青少年戒除网瘾。目前,类似这样的戒网瘾学校在中国已经多达250所。为了帮助孩子戒除网瘾,很多父母将孩子送到戒网瘾学校,让他们接受心理测验和军事化训练。”另,付某某全身照还出现在第二十一张照片中,该图片中付某某身穿便装,在沙发上与另外两名身着迷彩服的同龄女生交谈。付某某手托下巴,头朝向另外两名女生。该照片配有说明:“5月22日,北京某教育中心,一名刚到中心的女孩子正与其他学生交谈,在父母的要求下,这名女孩到这里戒瘾。”
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